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What is the difference between a personal chef and a private chef?

A personal chef serves several clients, usually one per day, and provides multiple meals that are custom-designed for the individual client’s particular requests and dietary requirements. These meals are prepared in the client’s home, packaged and stored, so that the client may enjoy them at his or her leisure in the comfort of their own home.  A private chef, on the other hand, is employed by one individual or family full time, and often lives in, preparing up to three meals per day. 


Does the chef cook in my kitchen?

Yes, the meals are prepared in the safety of your own kitchen. On the agreed upon cooking date, I will bring the fresh ingredients for your meals, along with my own pots, pans, and utensils, and prepare your entrées onsite.  At the end of the day I will leave my prep area clean and the kitchen will have the aroma of good home cooking!


How long will the chef be in my home?

I'll be cooking several different entrées and side dishes, it will probably take approximately three to five hours after setting up at your home, depending on the menu chosen.  However, as your personal chef, I will be most willing to work with your schedule or situation, and make arrangements in advance, so that the cooking date fits into your schedule.


How should I prepare for the cooking date?

On your cooking date, your kitchen counters need to be clean and cleared of anything other than the normal small appliances.  The kitchen sink and draining rack should also be clean and cleared of all dishes.  Your stovetop, oven, and refrigerator should be in full working order.  Space will be required in the refrigerator for storage of the groceries prior to preparation of the meals. The refrigerator and freezer should also have the appropriate amount of space in order to store your  meals.  If you opted to purchase the re-usable glass bakeware storage containers, then these should be left on the counter for re-use on subsequent cook dates.


Do I need to be at home on the cook date?


No you don't.  When I book your cooking date I will discuss access to your home, pet arrangements, and other specifics that we may need to know about.


Do I heat the food?

Yes. Any entrées that have been stored for you in your freezer should be defrosted in your refrigerator, then re-heated, to be enjoyed at the peak of their flavor.  I will leave you with easy to follow heating instructions for each dish.


What types of side dishes do you prepare?

I prepare side dishes that complete the entrées that you have selected.  For instance, if you have requested a savory stew entrée, then I may prepare a polenta side dish to be enjoyed with the stew. Other side dishes may consist of potato, pasta, seasonal vegetables, rice, or salad, depending on the entrée being prepared.


How often will I need your service?


I would be happy to help you determine just how often you will want to schedule my personal chef service to best serve your needs.  I will make sure it supports your busy lifestyle without putting any pressure on you.


What are the types of payments you accept?


Cash, Check and Venmo

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